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This report was submitted on 5th April, 2015 by the BBC investigative journalist and antiquities correspondent Benjamin Raffle, who was one of the few international journalists at the time aware of the events unfolding in southern Italy. Since the November of two years previous, Raffle had been closely following the archaeological research taking place around the convent of San Girolamo, and his team had later been given unique access to the dramatic finds unfolding day by day in the museum laboratories in Rome.

Since this copy was filed, the mystery appears simply to have been suppressed, not only by the BBC, but also every other major news organisation. Raffle himself was not then seen for months, with only occasional sightings of him reporting from Alexandria, and Amphipolis, amongst other places. Other journalists connected with this story have likewise kept themselves away from the public eye.

Following is an excerpt from the transcript of Benjamin Raffle’s report made on the eve of initial publication of this present work; it serves as proof of what has been discovered, as well as holding some clues as to why this discovery might have been censored.

RAFFLE:  There are moments in a reporter’s life when he or she knows they are present at something extraordinary, something truly news-worthy. Well, let me say now that this is one of them for me, and no doubt for the other journalists, press officers and television reporters who will be coming from all over the world to witness these extraordinary scenes.

Let me begin by saying that the unexpected discovery of this vast document has no precedent. The world’s historical and archaeological experts are all agreed; there has simply never been anything on this scale before. To say that this find is going to change our perception of all human civilisation and development is not merely understatement – we are at the dawn of a new era of understanding, and everything we thought we knew about human history will have to be turned on its head.

 I am joined here by Prof. Michael Wells, who has been heading the investigation into the work here, and who is the lead archaeologist on the project; and also by Dr. Stanislav Gabriele, Director of the Museum of Antiquities here in Rome. Welcome to you both.

Dr. Gabriele, if I might begin with you: this is a more than just a major discovery, is it not?

GABRIELE:  Good afternoon. Yes, and, if you’ll permit me for a moment,  perhaps we could think of it in this way: at the turn of the previous century, Greek divers discovered the sunken wreck containing the Antikythera Mechanism, which, as I am sure you know, was an ancient device. Yet this extraordinary device demonstrated beyond all our expectations that our ancestors had been able to understand the workings of the universe in unbelievable detail; they had developed their technical brilliance in constructing such a machine, an early computer that calculated the exact times of festivals and cosmological events. It astonished us by revealing how much the Ancients knew; they had an understanding of computational mechanisms beyond our wildest imaginings.

Well, the discovery of this book is tenfold, a hundredfold more shocking than that of the Antikythera Mechanism. We simply have to start again. There is no other way to put it. This discovery will not only force us to look again at every single assumption we have ever had about history, but it could also be the missing link we’ve been looking for, tying together what we know about, say, the pyramids of the Mayans, the mysteries of the Egyptians, the Biblical stories and the myths of ancient Greece.

RAFFLE:  Because this is the proof, at last, isn’t it, of the existence of lost Atlantis?

GABRIELE:  That’s right. In here is the irrefutable evidence. This is what we humans have been dreaming about for over two thousand years, this is the story of how it all began! In these pages is proof beyond doubt that a vast, complex culture existed out in the Atlantic Ocean, the nursery, if you like, of human civilisation. That’s where it all started.

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