Caligula Keith

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This is the strange, but eerily familiar world of St. Cretien’s College. The pupils are monsters; the Head Master is mad; his Deputy is ignored; the Management Team cannot cope. The school is crumbling, physically, morally and financially.When new teacher Henry Pukeman arrives to start teaching in the prestigious public school of St. Cretien’s College, he soon begins to encounter the weird and wonderful characters who make up these grand institutions, and is drawn into the big events as they unfold in the school. Two volumes follow the big events throughout the school year, through the emails, memos and notices… Click here to explore the St. Cretien’s website, and follow us on Twitter!
An inexplicable trail of clues, scattered across the centuries and over the whole of the English landscape, leads Thomas Zwillinger from his job as a teacher into the pursuit of a dark and secret treasure.

Against the stunning backdrop of some of England’s least-known cathedral cities, this unwilling adventurer begins to unearth a mystery buried deep in our history, and kept hidden by the early Church elders.
St. Cretien’s
A work still very much in progress, which follows our earliest civilization from its beginnings on the continent of Herenor through to its destruction at the dawn of our own period of history.

This is a compendium of a whole culture, with maps, illustrations and diagrams bringing the entire lost world of Atlantis to life
This is an exploration of all the places I have ever visited, full of descriptions, personal impressions, anecdotes and reflections. This is not a practical travel guide, but a celebration of all the places that, however small or insignificant in official histories, have their own tales to tell, and their own characteristics to divulge.

Covering much of mainland Europe and parts of Egypt and China, many entries are accompanied by a monochrome thumbnail, some of which can be seen by
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When civil servant Keith Hartman begins to suspect some deep secret working behind events affecting his life, he knows his comfortable and dull life will never be the same.
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A selection of unpublished poems from various collections